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Welcome to TimeForAll Timebank! This is a place we have long sought to communicate across platforms and structures to benefit the Timebank Movement. The plans for this timebank are fluid and a work in progress. Please validate your email address with the link sent to you (check your spam email if you don't see it) and complete your profile. Please tell us everything you can about yourself in your "About Me" section, and list your skills that can help other timebank coordinators. Please fill out your "Timebankers Talents" listings, and go into further detail with offers and requests. If you are not a timebank coordinator but are involved in kindred movements trying to relate to timebanking, you are also welcome here!

After you are approved as a member, please help us walk our talk by recording here the time you spend helping the Timebank Movement that is not recorded in your timebank. Do you attend conference calls, write blogs about timebanking, research timebanking for the benefit of all, etc.? These are the types of activities we want to record and reward.

Sometimes coordinating a timebank can be a lonely job, and we want to provide a place to comfort and support each other in any way we can. We also want to provide a global clearing house to help move the gift between timebanks. If you have ideas on how you would like to use TimeForAll, please write to coordinators at this site and let us know.