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Wednesday, September 2nd 2020 2:00 PM — 3:30 PM

TfA Coordinator Call

With COVID-19, more timebanks are turning to online orientations. This will be our second call offering you shortened versions of two different timebank online orientations. These coordinators will walk you through their slide show and, perhaps, inspire you to offer one as well. There will be time for questions after the presentations.

There will be two timebanks presenting a shortened version of their online orientation complete with a slide show. Sarah Braik, is the President of the Board of Hour Exchange Portland (HEP) in Portland, Maine. HEP was founded in 1986 and currently has 450 members.
Abby Greer is the founder of the Kent Community Timebank as well as the Crooked River Alliance of Timebanks. Her timebank is 10 years old and has over 1300 members with 450 active members.

Meeting link: 

PLEASE connect a few minutes before the start of the call so that we can start together at the beginning of the hour.

The conference call dial-in information, international dial-in numbers, calendar and meeting resources are on the
TimeForAll teleconference site

To join the online meeting and view the screen share, click on the online meeting link and click “Join the Meeting.” You can use the same link to use the VOIP phone call if you are not using a telephone, following the instructions.

If you missed this or previous calls, click on listen to recordings of previous calls.

Log time credits for attending or helping with these calls at Time for All Timebanks and joining the Time for All Timebank. Or, choose to give time credits to Time for All for the work in providing these calls. Your choice! :) Your time is important to the TimeBank Movement we are all creating!

Note: The calls will generally be one of three kinds:

Open Forums, where all coordinators on the call are invited to pose questions or comments and seek responses from other coordinators on the call. The subject line in the invite will include the words “Open forum.”
Topic Forums, where the presenter puts a specific topic on the table for the participants on the call to discuss. The call opens with a short introduction by the presenter as to the topic up for discussion, then turns to the participants for a discussion.
Coordinator Sharing calls, an established coordinator (or in some cases two or more coordinators from the same TimeBank) shares his or her experience relating to a specific aspect of TimeBanking, and then answers questions or comments from those on the call. The chosen topic will appear in the subject of the invite.