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Wednesday, June 6th 2018 2:00 PM — 3:30 PM

Time for All Coordinator Call - Marketing

Time for All Coordinator Call

June 6th Time For All Coordinator Call 2 to 3:30 PM EDT

Marketing for bringing in new members to your timebank

A common motivation for us as timebank coordinators is to make sure that we are making our timebank available for new members and getting more people to sign up becoming our newest member. 

This call will give you the opportunity to learn from Stephanie Rearick is an expert who has already enjoyed building up a big timebank and gain from her knowledge and ask questions so you can begin to increase the number of members in your timebank.

Panelist Stephanie Rearick:

Stephanie brings her background in timebank development to building a new community model for leveraging peoples’ purpose, resources, and interest in mutual aid to better their community.

Stephanie is a founder and the board president for Mutual Aid Networks, based in Madison Wisconsin, as well as the co-owner of Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse and the founder and co-director of the Dane County TimeBank. She is also the board treasurer for the Allied Community Coop. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Miami University’s Western College Program. She was born in Elyria, Ohio, and now lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


At the scheduled date and time of the meeting (or earlier if you can), 
• Dial into the conference line by telephone if possible (the sound is improved). When prompted, enter the Access Code followed by the # key. 

Dial-In Number: (712) 770-4010 - United States
Access Code: 843317#

• To join the online meeting and view the screen share (if it is being used) and to use the chat box, click on the online meeting link and click “Join the Meeting.” You can use the same link to use the VOIP phone call if you are not using a telephone, following the instructions.

Join the meeting:

Recordings of past calls are posted under Meeting Resources.
Log time credits for attending or helping with these calls at TimeForAll Timebanks and joining the TimeForAll Timebank. Or, choose to give time credits to TimeForAll for the work in providing these calls. Your choice! :)

Note: The calls will generally be of three kinds:
• Open Forums, where all coordinators on the call are invited to pose questions or comments and seek responses from other coordinators on the call. The subject line in the invite will include the words “Open forum.”
• Topic Forums, where the presenter puts a specific topic on the table for the participants on the call to discuss. The call opens with a short introduction by the presenter as to the topic up for discussion, then turns to the participants for a discussion.
• Coordinator Sharing calls, an established coordinator (or in some cases two or more coordinators from the same timebank) shares his or her experience relating to a specific aspect of timebanking, and then answers questions or comments from those on the call. The chosen topic will appear in the subject of the invite.

Happy Timebanking!
Abby, and the TimeForAll Team